Saturday, June 30, 2012

Savour Tasting Room and Social Club @ Watters Creek

Grade: B-
Where to Find It: 968 Green Brook Dr., Allen, TX 75002
Food Group: American, Mediterranean, Latin American
How Much to Fork Over: $$$
Faves: Outdoor patio and bar
Peeves:  Maryland Crab Cocktail, our waiter had no personality

The Jibba Jab:
I have been eyeing Savour Tasting Room since it opened several months ago because of their great patio, which overlooks the Green (a park that’s in the center of Watters Creek), and their indoor-outdoor bar.  It was silently calling my name to have a cocktail there, so after I found a coupon for it we had to take them up on their discount. I know, I’m sure you are probably thinking that a place offering coupons is desperate for customers, which is never a good sign, but I wanted to give them a try so I could have my own opinion. 

First, I was a bit astonished to find the patio half empty on a Friday around 8pm, and it sat directly behind the entertainment for the Green that night, which was a group of 3 singers.  Every other place was packed.  Our hostess was very friendly, and she immediately sat us.  Our waiter, on the other hand, was nice and did what he was told, but not very quick  witted and had the personality of a piece of cardboard.   Another worry I had was the size of the menu.  It had way too many things going on such as three long listed categories of Socials (small plates for sharing): American, Mediterranean, and Latin, then entrée Salads, Sliders and Sandwiches, Specialties (entrees served after 4pm) and finally Dessert. We ordered the wine and our appetizer, the Maryland Crab Cocktail.  Both came out promptly, but the crab cocktail looked, smelled and tasted as if it had been sitting in the back of a pickup truck for a few days and then they tried to disguise the repulsiveness by serving it to us in a fancy martini glass.  Not acceptable….at all.  I asked the waiter if we could trade it for a small Wedge salad instead, which was definitely a good move.  You really can’t go horribly wrong with Iceburg lettuce, blue cheese dressing and bacon.  Next, my husband really wanted the dish called Shrimp Depth Charges, which are jalapeños stuffed with shrimp and wrapped in bacon.  I just wanted to try one of their pizzas…’s a good way for me to test the waters at a restaurant.  If they can’t make a decent pizza, which is basically yeast, flour, water and some toppings, then they probably won’t succeed anywhere else.  We chose the Arugula, Goat Cheese and Tomato Confit pizza.  Both of our choices were satisfactory.  I thought the Shrimp dish had a good crunch from the bacon and the pizza had a crispy thin crust, but a bit on the greasy side.  Overall, the experience was pleasant, the food was fine, except for the Crab Cocktail, and our service was sufficient.  On the other hand, when our meal was finished, my husband blurted out that he would never eat here again…..I’ve created a monster.

2009 Abbot's Table Pinot Noir

Maryland Lump Crab Cocktail - Yuck

Wedge Salad

Shrimp Depth Charges

Arugula, Goat Cheese and Tomato Confit Pizza

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Nick and Sam's Grill - Revisit for Brunch

Where to Find It?: 2816 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX
The Grade: C
Food Group: American Fad-Casual
How Much to Fork Over: $$ (entrees range from $9-$22)
The Faves: Carafe’s of Mimosas, Outdoor Patio
The Peeves: Extremely Loud and Noisy, Long Wait, Crowded Bar

The Jibba Jab:
I’ve been to Nick and Sam’s Grill several times and I usually leave the place with a happy buzz yearning to come back for their great patio dining and, of course, their Grilled Cheese Sandwich, but the brunch scene is unpleasantly poles apart from the dinner crowd.  Granted, about 7 or 8 years ago, being new to Dallas, single and in my twenties, I would be writing in a completely different tone, but now in my thirties, married and tired of the butt to nut club scene, I can’t say this was my cup of tea. 

Before arriving, I was lucky enough to have a good friend get there before our large group arrived and put our name on the list.  When we finally made it, I couldn’t help, but be extremely annoyed by the a) Blaring music inside  b) Long line just to get a drink while passing the time and c)No shaded area to wait outside (in the Texas heat, you need shade in order to not pass out before your meal)… least we didn’t have to wait too long.  Then we were unlucky enough to be sat at a table right next to the crowded bar, inside with the ear-splitting music roaring while you are yelling at the rest of the table in order to keep the conversation flowing…..I’m glad I was able to drink.  We ordered the Guacamole and Hummus to start and then I created my own omelet as my meal.  The food was good, but, honestly, I couldn’t get past having to eat in the Boom Boom Room….Never again for my Thirty Something self.  During a Sunday brunch this place is definitely for the young.  For the rest of us, dinner here is a more enjoyable atmosphere.



Omelet with Potatoes


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NYC Trip June 2012

I've been meaning to post pictures of the delicious eats and drinks that I encountered during my recent NYC and Jersey trip, so finally here are the photos!
World Trade Center

Marco and Pepe's - Jersey City, NJ

Kale Salad

Bouillabaisse Burger

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Barbuto - NYC

Pea, Ricotta and Goat Cheese Bruschetta


Pollo al Forno

Williamsburg Bridge - Brooklyn

Brooklyn Flea Market - Milk Truck booth

Asia Dog - Pulled Pork Sammy and Sidney Dog

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese - Ham and Cheese

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese -
Milk Truck Classic with Caramelized Onions

Salon de Ning - Peninsula Hotel Rooftop Bar

Beechwood Cafe - Jersey City

Green Chile Breakfast Burrito

Egg Sandwich

Breakfast Burrito

Ken & Cook - NYC
Black Bass with Broccoli Rabe, Clams and Tomato

Fried Chicken with Biscuits and Honey

Mac & Cheese

Markers - Jersey City
Charred Lemongrass Chicken Dumplings

Grilled Rustic Bread

Spicy Chicken Sliders

Mix Salad

A rare Rainbow over NYC

View of Lady Liberty from the Jersey side