Thursday, May 5, 2011

Florida Day 2 – Ocean's Beach, Bar, and Bistro

Ocean’s Beach, Bar and Bistro
Where to Find It: 234 NE 21st Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Food Group: Seafood, American
How Much to Fork Over: $$$
The Grade: B-
Faves: Outdoor Seating looking at the beach, Mojitos
Peeves: Food was mediocre

The Jibba Jab:
On our second day in Florida we decided to have lunch somewhere that overlooked the beach, so we found Ocean’s Beach, Bar and Bistro.  I couldn’t have asked for a better view of the beach while dining.  We immediately ordered a pitcher of mojitos and the Lobster Hummus to munch on until Boca’s husband arrived to dine with us.  The mojitos were extremely refreshing and the perfect cocktail to sip on while people watching.  Granted, we saw quite a few hot bods walk around, but they were usually covered up, so I must say, why is it that the women who shouldn’t be revealing too much are always the ones who do?  I guess it’s the combination of sand, sun and water that makes certain people think they are “hot stuff” when clearly they should be covering up their derrières instead of having their cheeks bounce around in between a thong.  The same goes for the tatas!  As I digress. 

Boca’s husband arrived, so we all polished off the Lobster Hummus while ordering our entrees.  I decided on the Citrus Sesame Seared Tuna Salad because I saw the tuna came with seaweed salad, which I absolutely love.  I know it sounds crazy weird, but it’s delicious….and nutritious… I’m bustin’ rhymes again.  The other patrons at the table ordered the Grilled Vegetable Wrap, Poached Pear Salad, and the Dolphin Sandwich.  Everything was…..mediocre….nothing exciting, but nothing to remember, which is quite typical for a restaurant on the beach.  You pay for the view. 

Lobster Hummus

Poached Pear Salad

Grilled Vegetable Wrap

Dolphin Sandwich

Citrus Sesame Seared Tuna Salad

The Girls

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