Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rick's Chophouse

Grade: B
Where to Find It: 
107 North Kentucky, McKinney, Texas 75069
Food Group: Steakhouse
How Much to Fork Over: $$$
Faves: dessert, Grand Bar, Pressed Tin Ceiling, Rick’s attendance
Peeves: High price for mediocre fare, lack of communication

Jibba Jab: 
I’ve been going to Rick’s Chophouse ever since it opened a few years ago.  I remember the first time we went quite well.  It rained so hard that night we practically swam across the parking lot to Rick’s.  It was during the week and well the weather obviously wasn’t customer friendly, so the place was fairly empty, but we were treated with care and it was the first time we met Rick, the owner, and I have to say that the greatest most astonishing detail is that he has been there to greet us, and every other guest, each and every time we’ve been there….including in the area.  He is an owner that knows hospitality is of extreme importance, especially in our small, but ever growing City of McKinney. Another occurrence during our first visit to Rick’s was the “Crab Cakes” incident. My husband is a lover of them, which we spotted on the menu, but the waiter only brought out one crab cake….we were a table of 3, mind you, so we asked where the other “crab cakes” were, since that is what was stated on the menu.  The waiter explained that we only get one, and then we clarified that they needed to change the type-o on the menu because I guarantee that other hungry customers won’t be so forgiving.  I think that the waiter could have handled the situation a little differently (or Rick) by a giving us our extra crab cake to make it plural, but at least the next time we went back “Crab Cake” was on the menu. 

Rick’s Chophouse does make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time when you step in the dining room from the white stone walls, oversized leather booths, and iron chandeliers, but most of food is par.  They used to have this appetizer called Black Bean Tornado on the menu, which was essentially a black bean patty in the shape of a cone.  The actual taste of the dish was good, but I, and probably most everyone else who dined there, thought it looked like a miniature replica of a cow turd….to be kind.  I believe that is why it no longer exists.  The other starters I’ve tried such as the Blackened Ahi Tuna, which is in my opinion their best, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Calamari, and Beef Tenderloin have all been consistently decent.  The salads are also pleasing, and they bring you a nice basket of warm and delicious bread before the meal. 

The wine selection is decent, as long as they have the wine you pick.  In our most recent visit on New Years Eve, the first bottle we ordered, the waiter came back and told us they were out, so they brought out the Sommelier to guide us in the right direction.   We ordered a different bottle, BV Reserve Tapestry 2007, but the waiter brought out the wrong bottle, so we ended up waiting over half an hour for our correct bottle of wine.  Our salads came out long before we received our wine.  Also, all while waiting for our wine, the waiter described the specials, one of them being Surf ‘n Turf, a filet and lobster tail with Potato Gratin and broccoli, and since it was New Years Eve, we ordered it.  I’ve never been so disappointed…..the lobster was extremely over cooked and tough, and the steak was unremarkable.  On the other hand, I absolutely loved the Potato Gratin.  Its creamy layers of thin slices of potato and cheese slightly made up for the rest of the entrée.  Finally, dessert, which was by far the show stopper of the evening, and I can say that anytime I get it at Rick’s it is always phenomenal.  The last time we had one of their sweet concoctions, which are all made in house, I was in a complete ecstasy.  I noticed that it wasn’t on the menu this past visit, but we had their Chocolate Cake in the bar/lounge area after dining at another restaurant.  The perfect end to an evening in my favorite bar in McKinney….more on that later.  This time my husband just had to have the Texas Pecan Pie with Whiskey Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.  It was also pure delight, so the lesson is Don’t Skip Dessert!

Rick’s may not be the best place to go for a steak, but it’s certainly has the best bar in the area.  There is an enigmatic sexiness to it with no direct entrance or exit because it’s located in between the Grand Hotel and Rick’s Main Dining Room.  Also, the exposed brick walls, plush leather sofas and oversized chairs give it a traditional comfy feel, although what makes it the grandest bar in McKinney is the embossed tin ceiling, which also continues in the Main Dining Room, but is painted white.  Also, a luxurious wooden bar serves up delicious cocktails to sip on while listening to some cool live music.  It is my favorite spot to hang out, drink, and get cozy with my hubby.  

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