Monday, June 6, 2011



Where to Find It: 230 9th Ave New York, New York

Food Group: Pizza

How Much to Fork Over: $$

The Grade: Food B; Service C-

Faves: Salads; Meatballs; Flambe Pizza; Bread

Peeves: Slow service; Overcharged credit card

Avacado toast and veal meatball

Escarole salad

Artichoke salad

Flambe pizza

Margherita pizza

Shiitake pizza
The Jibba Jab: Tried this restaurant as one of our picks for NYC ladies' Supper Club. Located in Chelsea, this Jim Lahey communal seating restaurant offers many inventive types of pizzas and tasty salads. Of the items ordered, the Avocado toast (special for the day), Escarole, Green, and Artichoke salads, veal meatballs, and Flambe and Margherita pizzas were all delicious. The wine was average.

I would have given this restaurant a better grade, but knowing that the waiter overcharged one of our credit cards three times and the service was slow, I had to give it a C-.

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