Thursday, June 2, 2011



Where to Find It: 30 West 26th Street NY, NY

Food Group: Barbecue

How Much to Fork Over: $$ - $$$

The Grade: A

Faves: Texas Decor; Jalapeno Sausage; Lean Brisket; Corn Pudding; Campfire Beans; Blue Bell Ice Cream

Peeves: Usually packed with a wait; Loud

The Jibba Jab: When I’m feeling a little homesick and want a quick BBQ fix, I visit Hill Country Barbecue. This casual Texas Hill Country-themed place with a small-town BBQ restaurant feel is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. As you walk in, the live country music is playing and pictures of the Hill Country (located near Austin), Texas flags, stars, and of the Lockhart BBQ restaurant, from which was the inspiration of this eatery.

Just like any other BBQ place in Texas, you order your food from the counter and they weigh your meats, which is served on a piece of butcher paper with two slices of white bread. After you have salivated over Hill Country's sausages, brisket, spare ribs, and market chicken, there are many other delicious sides to choose from such as corn pudding, green-bean casserole, campfire beans, sweet potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. You definitely won’t leave here hungry! If you are from Texas or just wanting great BBQ, this place is a wonderful fix for your cravings.




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