Monday, July 25, 2011


Chopped Salad

Where To Find It: 32 E 21st Street New York, NY

Food Group: Southern

How Much To Fork Over: $$$

The Grade: B-

Faves: Wonderful service; Scallops and Honey Grits; Chopped Salad

Peeves: Wines-by-the-glass list is average

Roll with Honey Butter

The Jibba Jab:  Beautiful and accommodating restaurant located in NYC's Flatiron district.  Arrived here with a reservation for 6 people but actually had 7.  The manager and hostess didn't mind at all and arranged a table for us right away without any rude remarks. 

The food, though, is not anything out of the ordinary.  Complimentary rolls with honey butter, grits, pork butt, scallops, chopped salad, and pecan pie were about the only items that were above average in taste.  The other food ordered lacked flavor.

Remarkable service but average food.

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