Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twisted Root Burger Company – Burgers to Dream About

Where to Find It: 2615 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226
Food Group: Burgers
How Much to Fork Over: $$
The Grade: A+
Faves: Burger….hands down!
Peeves: Waiting in line

The Jibba Jab:
Clever Careless Cheesiness. Ok, so I recently stated that The Grape had an amazing burger, but I knew that something better was still lurking out there in the land of Dallas….well I’ve already found a better burger and this is going to be hard to beat!  Twisted Root has been at the top of my list for places to try for quite sometime, so on our way back home the family lake house in Burnet, TX we decided to stop at the original location in Deep Ellum for a bite to eat. 

From the “Sofa King” sign (you will understand what I mean when you visit this place) to the name of their Homemade BBQ sauce, and most likely to the point of chuckling from hearing the celebrity names being called out when an order is ready, you will know that any sort of a snooty or somber attitude is basically not allowed on the premises.  This is my kind of place! 

20 Minute Mojito
After glancing at the menu, my eye and stomach were focusing on something spicy and blue cheese.  I am a blue cheese lover and it is my favorite cheese on a burger.  It’s pungent and stinky, but then it smells incredible while melting.  I love the flavor and boldness that it brings to beef, so I opted for one of their Specialty Burgers, the Blue Cheese and Jalapeño burger with an addition of mushrooms (another must on a burger).  Some of the other choices were the Peppercorn Ranch & Bacon Burger and The Classic Swiss-Mushroom Burger.  And then we had to add a side salad with the Deep Ellum Goat Cheese and an order of Hand-Cut Sweet Potato Chips and French Fries.  Our Celebrity order name given to us was Harry Carey and now we made our way to the bar for some adult beverages.  MT ordered a beer and a Cape Cod for another patron.  I saw a sign for Mojitios, so I just had to have one.  The first drinks came promptly, but the bar tender took 20 minutes to make my mojito!  If I would have known that I would have ordered something else because I was quite thirsty from our long trip.  He did redeem himself though, once I received the drink….He put quite a bit of rum in it!  I was feeling pretty good after finishing it.

Onto my favorite part….the Burgers!  I nose-dove into my burger immediately and kept going after the first bite….almost like the Pringles commercial “Once you pop, you can’t stop”….well I couldn’t stop eating this burger!  The Oompa Loompas had it right.  It was absolutely mouthwatering scrumdiddlyumptious.  The Grape burger completely disappeared from my mind after this amazing piece of God-like food.  The beef was flawlessly cooked with juice running down my chin, to my fingers, to my arms….the blue cheese was so creamy and had just the right amount of contrast to the spicy jalapeños and meatiness of the beef and mushrooms…..I was flabbergasted!  Everyone else at the table had the same expression on their face as mine, which was a look of ‘This is the best darn thing that I’ve tasted’?  Have you ever seen that look or experienced it?  I should have taken a picture.  Next time I will.  Now, everything else we ordered didn’t really have much of a chance after these burgers.  I wasn’t really impressed with the French Fries and Sweet Potato chips and the salad was definitely a disappointment, except for the Deep Ellum Goat Cheese, which was delicious.  I must know where they get their cheese…..the Mozzarella Co.?? 

So now I’m going to get down to business and state that currently Twisted Root’s Burgers are at the top of my Top DFW Burgers list.  Is their some place out there that is better?  I heard Maple and Motor has a good one, so that might be next on my burger destination!!
Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Burger (with Mushrooms)

Peppercorn Ranch and Bacon Burger

The Classic Swiss Mushroom Burger

The Salad.....ehh

French Fries and Sweet Potato Chips
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