Friday, May 4, 2012


Grade: A++
Where to Find It: 3511 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
Food Group: Cheese!!
How Much to Fork Over: $$
Faves: Fantastic selection of handmade cheeses, Cheese classes, great service and very informative

Peeves: Any place that serves cheese from all over the world does not have any flaws

The Jibba Jab:

Pure cheese ecstasy!  A few of my girlfriends and I signed up to take a Cheese 101 class at Scardello the other day and I am still giddy over it.  First, I’ll start off with a couple of great things that have nothing to do with cheese.  They carry Arista Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley in California, and it’s a very nice wine that is very difficult to find.  They also sell McClure’s Bloody Mary mix from Detroit, MI and Brooklyn, NY, which is where I first discovered this amazing mix.  It is not one to miss out on, and it is not one that is easily obtained.  It is also my husband’s favorite, so I snatched a jar to bring home.

Now, onto the good part….Cheese! The class started off with each person receiving a cutting board full of 17 different cheeses and a few. The owner, Rich Rogers, first introduced himself, the other employees, and his story of naming the shop after his grandfather.  He was extremely sincere and you could tell he has a real passion for cheese.  I wanted to be a Cheesemonger right then and there.  After he educated us on the 8 different types of cheeses (Fresh, Semi-Soft, Soft Ripened, Surface Ripened, Semi-Hard, Hard, Washed Rind and Blue) we moved onto the tasting.  Each cheese was discussed in depth and I truly felt like I learned a few great cheese facts after finishing the class.  It just made my love for cheese that much stronger! Shhh….don’t tell my husband.

All in all, if I could choose bits and pieces of things on earth to place in my heaven, this little cheese shop would be there!  I have officially added it to my Mecca List. 

P.S. I apologize for my bad photos. I will take better ones on my next visit or better yet visits.


Cheese Menu with my notes

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  1. Oh my! I am a NY/NJ transplant to the metroplex and I have to say that I have only DREAMED that such a cheese shop exists in the area. I am so excited to head out there and try it out... thank you guys so much!