Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pub

Cyberspace: Where to Find It?: 204 W. Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX
The Grade: C
Food Group: Pub Food
How Much to Fork Over: $½ (entrees range from $7-$12)
The Faves: Beer and Wine, Ambience, Plentiful Seating for Thirsty Groups
The Peeves: The Food

The Jibba Jab:
Pseudo-Polished Brawny. If a Lumberjack were to go to Finishing School, but didn’t quite graduate then The Pub would be its equivalent as an establishment. This place has been our Happy Hour Headquarters ever since it opened just over a year ago and for good reason. It has a great selection of beers on tap and by bottle, decent wine, which hasn’t had me sending the glass back because it has turned to vinegar ….good sign, a full bar that provides sufficient cocktails, and tolerable appetizers to tie you off until dinner time. Also, and of great importance, a large clean and comfortable seating area to fit a crowd of over-worked and always under paid white collar workers. Don’t come to The Pub for anything else. Unless you are so ravenous that your co-drinker is starting to look like a pork chop or if walking the 3 steps to Square Burger seems like running a marathon, then I suppose its fine to eat here because at that point anything will taste good. Otherwise, walk a short distance and go to one of the other restaurants on The Square for some good food because you aren’t going to find it here. I’ll never make the mistake to have a meal here again. Just stick to the booze and you’ll be a happy patron!

Baked Brie - About the only thing I would eat
here again
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