Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whiskey Cake - Big D's Poll Winner!

Where to Find It?: 3601 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX
The Grade: A+
Food Group: American/Fad-Casual
How Much to Fork Over: $$ (entrees range from $10-$22)
Faves: OMG Burger, BBQ Banh Mi, Whiskey Cake, Service, Outdoor Patio
Peeves: Noise

The Jibba Jab:
"Sexy Country". A term, which I borrowed from a friend, that if illustrated in the Fashion section of D Magazine, you would find an outfit that sported a fitted long sleeve plaid button down shirt paired with jean shorts and nude patent leather platform pumps. In the Dining Section, you would find Whiskey Cake. (I know Whiskey Cake has already been reviewed in D Magazine. This scenario exists solely in my head.) From the décor, which could be described as a mesh of Cracker Barrel and Crate and Barrel (CB²), to the wait staff’s apparel, white t-shirts and jeans plus dish cloth aprons for the gals and green suspenders for the guys, and finally to the food, which is all plucked from farms in our own great state of Texas (they even grow their own herbs in plain view), will you then understand the meaning of "Sexy Country".

Herb Garden

It was love at first sight for me because I am a patio enthusiast. This is something that Whiskey Cake does not disappoint on, so I was really eager to get a seat outside, but my high hopes were crushed. The patio was full. Now, if I had anything to complain about during our dining experience here it would be the place where we were sat. It was in an area with horrible acoustics, making it quite loud, and underneath a powerful AC vent, which provided a fairly chilly and uncomfortable dining experience. Other than that, our time there was fun and delicious. Happy Hour was just ending when our waitress came to take our drink order, so we were able to squeeze in one round of drinks at discount. I’m not a big whiskey fan, which would be the preferred choice of drink at this establishment, so I opted for their Secretariat Margarita, made with pineapple juice, and the guys ordered beers. One bizarre, but interesting garnish to this Margarita was a piece of their homemade beef jerky, which you can actually buy to snack on for $6. It startled me when I saw it sticking out of the glass, but being a beef jerky aficionado, I had to try it, and it was good! Smokey with a slight tang, which paired well with the sweet margarita. Just a little side note for all of you whiskey drinkers out there, this place doesn’t mess around. Instead of keeping the drink chilled with ice, they use an Ice Ball, so your whiskey doesn’t get diluted.

Secretariat Margarita - See the Jerky?

Next, as far as our apps, we chose to start with the Deviled Eggs and Hummus. The Deviled eggs were some of the best we have had in Dallas with the yolk mixture being much more yolkey and less creamy than the others we’ve had, then topped off with cured salmon and a surprising crunch of briney fried capers. Who would have thought? I absolutely loved that little addition. The hummus topped with roasted tomatoes was not quite of the same caliber, but still nicely executed. For our entrees, MT and I chose to share a farm salad (if someone else in your group orders the same salad, the kitchen combines it into one bowl for the table, making it another step closer to that farm appeal they are shooting for), and the BBQ Banh Mi Sandwich and a side of Sweet Potato Hash. The other couple decided on the OMG, which stands for Onion Ring, Mushroom, and Goodness, Burger. We were foaming at the mouth by the end of our ordering process. Our food came in record time and we leaped to the challenge of tackling these huge portions, even when split. Our sandwich was outstanding and definitely made with TLC! I adored the pleasant tang of their homemade BBQ sauce, which was slathered over the pulled pork, and then topped with some arugula, red onion, carrots and a generous share of citrusy cilantro (if you aren’t a cilantro lover like MT then just toss it to the side), which gave it that fresh kick, probably to portray their herb growing abilities, all on a thick and crispy baguette. The Sweet Potato Hash was also a hit harmonizing well with those Thanksgiving herbs and a bit of sweetness. Now, when I saw the OMG Burger being placed in front of the other patrons at our table, I felt a slight pang of Food Envy because it looked incredible. That Burger is definitely a Show Off item for this place, basically stating “Look what I can do with America’s most loved food….Make it Better!” I was able to steal a little nibble of it after they couldn’t take another bite and, probably needless to say, it will have you repeating the burger’s title or latest fad acronym “OMG”. I am ordering that next time.
Deviled Eggs


Farm Salad

BBQ Banh Mi

Sweet Potato Hash

OMG Burger

Surprisingly, we saved room for dessert because how can you go to a place named Whiskey Cake and not order the Whiskey Cake, and you will be so happy that you did. The other guy at the table is a big Crème Brulee fan, so we had to order that too, which was another plus for the presentation alone……it comes with Fire! We love fire! The waiter pours some Bourbon on top and lights it up right in front of you. I love the WOW Factor. Bring it anytime! As for the Whiskey Cake, that’s a, as Charlie Sheen would say, “Winner” on it’s own with no added fluff, although, they do bring a little side dish of freshly whipped cream on the side, so I guess there is a little added fluff. The cake was incredibly moist, with a sweetness that wasn’t going to send you into a sugar coma, and my favorite part was the drizzle of Bookers Anglaise and Crunchy Pecans, for extra texture…..the perfect compliment to the cake. What a knockout! I am so delighted this is a restaurant that produces a fantastic creation of what the name represents and, then some. Going back there can’t come soon enough!
Butterscotch Bourbon Creme Brulee

Whiskey Cake
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  1. Hey ladies! Thanks for sharing your experience at Whiskey Cake. CB^2 - love it! I'll have to use that one sometime. ;)


  2. Meggie -
    I am officially a big fan of Whiskey Cake. I can't wait to go back for a revisit and this time sit out on that amazing patio, which I will wait an hour for if I have to! Thanks for the great comment!

    - Kara